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Week 3 - Boop, Boop, Boop

Having a team that has already excavated at our other sites (Naval Cottages at RMC and the Warden's Residence at the Penitentiary Museum), we were able to get a lot of work done. A solid crew of 15 amassed to unearth the stone foundation of the Naval Hospital, which had been discovered just a few days earlier. New pits were opened and much dirt was removed, carried and screened. Much to our delight, our artifacts continued to reveal a pattern of building materials and housewares, including a very well preserved door lock. This meant Jacob had to do a "cartwheel," as he promised at the beginning of the week that if the participants could find a lock, he would. Unfortunately for the participants, they never found a perfectly intact plate, so Jacob never had to "turn into a rocket and fly into space", as promised. Thursday was our first rainy encounter of the season, but the Turtle Tarp Travel Train took us to the museum safe and sound. Other artifacts found include a canine tooth, a small furnace door/hatch and a military tent spike. Public day was a great success (and I don't just mean the cookies...) Anyways, that's it for week 3! (And Ian, you have been Wangernumbed. Now that, my friends, is Numberwang.)

Until next time. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

Sir John Jingleheimerschmidt