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Week Two: Harry Potter & Company

It all started with the 'historical writing' excercise; while practicing their calligraphy with quills, Week 2 (Youth Week) participants Dexter and Careem decided to bring the world of Harry Potter to CARF. The next day, armed with new names, spells and riddles, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Bill, accompanied by Professor McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, Hagrid, Professor Sprout, and Arthur Weasley (you can guess who was who!) continued the search for the Naval Hospital. Though the Hogwarts students took frequent breaks to solve riddles and fight off death eaters in disguise, we found a key, sections of what may be a goat jaw, a hinge, and of course nails, ceramics, glass, and bone. We made an even more exciting find on the last dig day when our archaeologist, Jeff, noticed a discolouration in the grass that seemed to form the outline of a wall running north-south. Unfortunately we were unable to investigate further until the next week...


Singing off,


Professor McGonagall



Week 2: Will and Dex

Week 2: Tour

Week 2: Careem Digging!

Week 2: A Find!

Week 2: Torpedo

Week 2: Processing

With only four participants, we were able to have some great conversations about further education in archaeology and related fields. Some of the youth  were inspired to look into post secondary studies in archaeology and related fields; we'd like to remind all of you that if you have any questions for the instructors (for Sarah, Classical Studies and Archaeology, for Molly, historical documents and art, for Jacob, anthropology and archaeology) email CARF and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!