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Jade Heads, Crystal Skulls & Aztec Mummies:

Mesoamerican Antiquities and the Popular Imagination

When: Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Time: 8:00pm 
Location: The Lair, Kingston Brew Pub

Join us at the Kingston Brew Pub for a presentation by Jeff Seibert, Senior Archaeologist entitled "Jade Heads, Crystal Skulls and Aztec Mummies: Mesoamerican Antiquities and the Popular Imagination."

From the crystal skull of Labantuun, Belize, to the 2012 phenomenon, few ancient cultures capture the popular imagination like those of ancient Mesoamerica. This talk will examine some of the stories surrounding aspects of ancient Mesoamerican cultures that have permeated Western Pop culture, and the facts and fiction behind these ideas. These ideas will be examined from the perspective of Mesoamerican archaeology and art history, and will hopefully allow us to untangle the truth from popular legends and myths.