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Week 6 - My Aunt Uva, Has Many Chickens...

This was it, our final week of camp! This week we had only a few participants to dig, dig, dig their way to glory, but many interesting artifacts were removed. More excavation was done on the western wall which revealed three little pins - and they were still sharp! We revisited a pit from week 4 that revealed two large metal spikes that seemed to be holding back the rubble in what we can only assume to be a depository of some sort. Several large pieces of blue transfer ceramic were recovered deep in the unit, some even fitting together to give us a peek of the bigger picture. A button, similar to the one from week 4 was also recovered in that unit. One of our units, in which we hoped to find a continuation of the southern wall, showed us that no matter how sure you are, only archaeology can reveal the historical and cultural treasures that await us beneath our feet. Much work is left to be done as we work to uncover the Naval Hospital's past on Point Frederick. Once a building erected to save lives, it now serves to teach us that history is tangible. Hold history, quite literally, in the palm of your hand at "Can You Dig It?"!

Signing off, it has been a pleasure to teach you all this year at CYDI. We, the instructors, would like to thank you for your hard work, your enthusiasm and your silliness in the hot, hot summer it has been. Without you all, it would have just been another dig. But your songs, stories, games and laughter truly made it the great season that it was!  

- J, M and S.