Please note that the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation and the Kingston Archaeology Centre have closed. This site is still available for historical and informational reasons, but none of the services or products described here are available anymore.


Week 6 - My Aunt Uva, Has Many Chickens...

This was it, our final week of camp! This week we had only a few participants to dig, dig, dig their way to glory, but many interesting artifacts were removed. More excavation was done on the western wall which revealed three little pins - and they were still sharp! We revisited a pit from week 4 that revealed two large metal spikes that seemed to be holding back the rubble in what we can only assume to be a depository of some sort. Several large pieces of blue transfer ceramic were recovered deep in the unit, some even fitting together to give us a peek of the bigger picture.

Week 5 - Hardy Har Hearth

This week we took a shot in the dark and put our trowels where no trowel has ever gone before - in search of the western wall! After revealing more of the southern wall, a continuation of the eastern wall, as well as the northern wall and hearth, we decided to attempt the impossible and go 4 for 4 in one season. Using some maps and documents that came our way (from where guys? THE ARCHIVES!), we measured from the eastern wall exactly 38 feet across and stumbled upon another change in the grass colour.

Week 4 - An Army of Amateur Adult Archaeologists

This week we opened 8 new pits and closed a few from earlier weeks. Our participants were digging so fast, we could barely keep up with our lot summaries! The week centered around discussions about the stone foundation itself, including much debate about the future of the project. It was determined that we should find the corners of the building, but it seemed that everywhere we dug we found something different! In 76AG, we thought we would find a T-shaped foundation, but we actually found the North-East corner.

Week 3 - Boop, Boop, Boop

Having a team that has already excavated at our other sites (Naval Cottages at RMC and the Warden's Residence at the Penitentiary Museum), we were able to get a lot of work done. A solid crew of 15 amassed to unearth the stone foundation of the Naval Hospital, which had been discovered just a few days earlier. New pits were opened and much dirt was removed, carried and screened. Much to our delight, our artifacts continued to reveal a pattern of building materials and housewares, including a very well preserved door lock.

Week Two: Harry Potter and Company

It all started with the 'historical writing' excercise; while practicing their calligraphy with quills, Week 2 (Youth Week) participants Dexter and Careem decided to bring the world of Harry Potter to CARF. The next day, armed with new names, spells and riddles, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Bill, accompanied by Professor McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, Hagrid, Professor Sprout, and Arthur Weasley (you can guess who was who!) continued the search for the Naval Hospital.