Please note that the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation and the Kingston Archaeology Centre have closed. This site is still available for historical and informational reasons, but none of the services or products described here are available anymore.


Archives at the Kingston Archaeological Centre
Archives at the Kingston Archaeological Centre

At the Kingston Archaeological Centre, the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation maintains unique and dynamic research facilities. The research collection is housed in the Centre’s Library, Archives, and Artifact Collections and provides the staff with the historical information needed for archaeological assessments and is available to the general public for research.

Archaeological and historic research activities are the core of the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation’s mandate and purpose. The Foundation makes a range of materials available to Foundation staff, researchers, and the general public through its unique and dynamic research facilities held at the Kingston Archaeological Centre.

As part of the research collection the Centre’s Archives holds both the archaeological records of the Foundation’s excavations as well as the original land registry records for the City of Kingston, and Kingston, Pittsburgh, and Portsmouth Townships.

The archaeological site records include the field notes and drawings, photographs and slides, artifact inventories and historical research from the over 150 sites excavated by the Foundation dating from the 1980s to present.

The Land Registry collection contains original records dating from the first land grants in 1784 to the 1960s. The Centre holds the 155 land registry books as well as all the associated land registry deeds (contained in 12 filing cabinets) for the city and the three townships.

The material held in the Foundation’s archives is available for research subject to the Foundation’s Terms of Use.