Please note that the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation and the Kingston Archaeology Centre have closed. This site is still available for historical and informational reasons, but none of the services or products described here are available anymore.

Interpretive Centre

Photo of the pre-history section of KAC Interpretive Centre
Pre-history display at the Kingston Archaeological Centre

Visit the Interpretive Centre at the Kingston Archaeology Centre and take a self-guided tour through history. The exhibits present the prehistory and history of the region spanning 8,000 years of Native, French, Loyalist, and 19th century British to Canadian history in Kingston, as well as an introduction to archaeology.

The Interpretive Centre interprets the findings of the archaeology conducted by the Foundation into displays and exhibits for visitors to the Centre of any age. It provides an overview of the history of the human occupation of Eastern Ontario over the past 8000 years, from prehistoric times to the nineteenth century.

The interpretations are based on the archaeological and historical research conducted by the Foundation about the region and the artifacts included in the displays are provided through field research (excavation) in the area.

The display is presented in chronological order with the most significant of the Foundation’s excavations characterizing the different archaeological periods of Kingston. The exhibits include historic maps, illustrations, and artifacts excavated from each of the local archaeological sites.

The Interpretive Centre is a self-guided tour with the Foundation’s staff available to answer questions or elaborate about the history or archaeology of the area.

The Interpretive Centre is open 9:30am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday, by donation.