Please note that the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation and the Kingston Archaeology Centre have closed. This site is still available for historical and informational reasons, but none of the services or products described here are available anymore.


At the Kingston Archaeological Centre, the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation maintains unique and dynamic research facilities. The research collection is housed in the Centre’s Library, Archives, and Artifact Collections and provides the staff with the historical information needed for archaeological assessments and is available to the general public for research.

Archaeological and historic research activities are the core of the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation’s mandate and purpose. The Foundation make a range of materials available to Foundation staff, researchers, and the general public through its unique and dynamic research facilities held at the Kingston Archaeological Centre.

The Library’s holdings include books, journals, articles, maps, historic photographs, videos, microfiches, and reports on a variety of subjects. The collection focuses on archaeology and history in the Kingston area, in Canada, and around the world, but also includes information about the practice of archaeology, marine archaeology, conservation and preservation of artifacts, geography, and more.

As part of the Library the Foundation maintains an extensive collection of historical maps, some dating from as long ago as the seventeenth century, detailing the development of the Kingston area from the time of the earliest European presence in the region.

Also included in the Centre’s Library is a collection of approximately 350 archaeological reports from the Foundation’s archaeological projects. These reports are available for research subject to discretion regarding site location and findings.

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